Fangers Inc. Volume 1: ‘Murder at Margate’ by Raymond T. McNally

Margate is an upper middleclass suburb of Atlantic City, New Jersey. It is home to mostly permanent residents, who built large houses to be lived in all year round. It is not a place for your typical summer-only cottage renters. So, there is a real sense of community in Margate.

Fangers Inc. Volume 1: ‘The Eternity Factor’ by Abraham R. Nox

Before he realized Tesla's intention, the self-proclaimed vampire had righted himself in his chair, leaned across the desk and touched the knotted pain near Tilden's right eye with two of his brown fingers. Tilden felt a queer dizziness pass through his body.

Fangers Inc. Volume 1: ‘Waste Not…’ by Stephen Minchin

This is the tape I was telling you about - last Thursday night, filmed by one of the cameras down Willis Street, the one just opposite the gas station. I've rewound it to just before these guys appeared, so if we watch it from here?

Fangers Inc. Volume 1: ‘Dialogue with Reality’ by Dennis Kriesel

Frank had just concluded his presentation regarding scientific support for vampires. Only a couple dozen interested souls attended the lecture, but those numbers were twice his last count. He was gaining a following.

Fangers Inc. Volume 1: ‘Toizz’ by Mordant Carnival

Trisha was, without doubt, the worst housemate I've ever had. When I think of her, I damn the ludicrously inflated property values that left me at the mercy of this lottery, that forces me to share my home with strangers.

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